Universal Light Bar Mounts (small lights)


**1 Pair**

These adjustable LED light bar mounting clamps are an excellent way to mount your Light to just about any size bar you have. These can work with 7/8″ bars to 3.25″ bars.


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Included: 1 pr (2 each) of Small light mounts with 7/8″ bar clamps in Black

This small light mount allows you to clamp a wide variety of off-road lights directly to your front bumper or cage.

It can be mounted with the mounting hole in front of the tubing if there are clearance issues or behind the tubing for a very clean install. No need to purchase an expensive light bar or grind away expensive powder coating to weld on light tabs. These clamps allow you to put your lights wherever you would like them.

This small light mount has a .400″ (10mm) hole

**Clamps are low clearance to work around obstacles
**Great for ATV handlebars and frames
** 360* adjustable to get the light facing right where you want it
** Works with 4″ and smaller LED and HID Lights
** Works great for mounting many other accessories
** .4″ (10mm) Hole provided to bolt on your light.

***Durable aluminum construction.
***Black anodized.


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Weight .5 lbs