Park Transport Brake Can-Am Maverick X3 (all models)


Theft Deterant and Hill/Transport Brake in a single application.

Parking Brake fits all Can-Am Maverick X3.


Add a Parking/ Tranport Brake to your x3. This helps to protect your Transmission and prevent in from possibly rolling away when parked on a hill.

This Parking Brake is simple to use, requires no holes to be drilled, and requires no modification to your vehicle. The way they work is simple; just apply brake pressure with right foot and slide The Scorpion Toe kick over with your left foot. Release the brake pedal and The Scorpion is now holding the brake pedal down. When ready to release just apply the brake harder and they will disengage via a return spring.

These Innovative patent pending products help protect the transmission.  As you know when stopping on a hill the vehicle tends to roll back or forward causing the transmission to get bound when in Park, these product helps to prevent this from happening. These products will also save cabinets in toy haulers and prevent dangerous situations on trailers due to tie down failure because a Scorpion was installed and engaged when transporting. Winching becomes safer as the brakes can be applied without the operator inside the vehicle. This puts the winch operator in a safer location and gives better visibility of the winch line and object being winched.

This parking brake fits ALL Can-Am Maverick X3 Models and years.

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Weight 2 lbs