NRG Sport Leather Steering Wheel W/ Hub and Quick Release


320 MM (about 12.6″) Sport Leather wheel With BLUE Stitching, hub adapter, and quick release.
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The perfect choice for that added style inside your vehicle. Made from high quality leather and durable materials. These units provide the best in both quality and performance.  Sure to give your vehicle that extra edge of control and styling.

6 Bolt Design Mounting. 

This hub fits Polaris steering shafts and allows you to attach the quick release and steering wheel to the steering shaft                                                   

                                             Quick release in Silver

This product is designed for race and street application. By allowing the user to remove and replace aftermarket steering wheels from the attached hub quickly, this product can deter theft, allow quick entry and exit to the vehicle, or even allow a more comfortable steering wheel position for the driver. Features a variety of colors and finishes for NEXT GENERATION styling to any vehicle. Ball-Lock type mechanism for best locking fit and usability. Also features push pin for prevention of premature unlocking. Made from the highest quality aluminum for maximum durability and usability.