17″ Wide Panoramic Rearview Mirror – 6″ Long Arms


Ultra thin with an ultra clean view, the Axia alloys 17” billet panoramic rearview mirror offers the widest non distorted viewing angle of any mirror on the market. This mirror is very slighly curved ONLY in the horizontal direction so that you get a nice wide view of what is behind you without distortion.
This is the LONG ARM version of this mirror, shorter arms are available.
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Axia alloys recommends that you use these 6″ length arms on OEM UTV, and aftermarket cages where the mounting bar is moved back closer to the drivers head, these 6″ arms are to mount the mirror further out.
Use 6″ arms on the following OEM Cages
Yamaha Rhino, CanAM Commander, Kawasaki Teryx, Teryx 4, Arctic Cat Wildcat
We offer a liftime warranty on all our mirrors. FREE REPLACEMENT of your mirror insert.  Yes even if the little ones throw a rock at them, or the big kids try out their new welder next to them.
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